Sunday, November 9, 2014

Petra, Jordan.

November 8, 2014

1 train, 2 flights and 2 buses and I arrived at PETRA, one of and LAST of the 7 Wonders of the World for me to visit. I arrived at Amman Airport at 4 am and after paying the $56 Visa fee, waited until 5 am for the cheap bus shuttle to Abdali bus station. That is where the Jett Bus to Petra was to depart at 6:30 am. Of course, that's not what happened. EVERYONE told me we stopped at Abdali bus station but no one told thebus driver. Lol  ended up at another bus station and had to take $10 taxi to catch the bus to Petra. PLUS, since I was visiting Petra from the airport I had my 15 pound backpack to carry for the 5 hours I hiked around the ruins which were spread out. The climb to the viewpoint overlooking the Monastery was 914 steps. No sleep in 36 hours, 15 pound backpack and already walked 1 hour BEFORE climbing the steps. Just part of the "backpacking" job description. Lol A luggage storage would have been nice. Lol  

The "Treasury" and "Monastery" were my favorites and quite impressive. No doubt why it is considered one of the modern 7 Wonders of the World". 


Petra (Arabic: البتراء, Al-BatrāʾAncient Greek: Πέτρα) is a historicaland archaeological city in the southern Jordanian governorate of Ma'an that is famous for its rock-cut architecture and water conduit system. Another name for Petra is the Rose City due to the color of the stone out of which it is carved.

Established possibly as early as 312 BC as the capital city of the Nabataeans,[2] it is a symbol of Jordan, as well as Jordan's most-visited tourist attraction.[3] It lies on the slope of Jebel al-Madhbah(identified by some as the biblical Mount Hor[4]) in a basin among the mountains which form the eastern flank of Arabah (Wadi Araba), the large valley running from the Dead Sea to the Gulf of Aqaba. Petra has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985.

The site remained unknown to the Western world until 1812, when it was introduced by Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt. It was described as "a rose-red city half as old as time" in a Newdigate Prize-winning poem by John William Burgon. UNESCO has described it as "one of the most precious cultural properties of man's cultural heritage".[5] See: UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists. Petra was chosen by the Smithsonian Magazine as one of the "28 Places to See Before You Die".[6]

Bratislava, Slovakia.

November 7, 2014

Left Vienna and went to Visit Baratislava, Slovakia which was only an hour by train from Vienna. The "old town" was very small. Like many places in Eastern Europe there was a castle perched above the city. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Vienna (Schunbrunn Palace, Gardens and Zoo)

That afternoon I realized that the Hostel was walking distance (20 minutes) to the Shonbrunn Palace. It was 4:00 pm so I only had 45 minutes of daylight left. (Gets daek at 4:45 pm, no daylight savings here). I made it in time to take some pics and climb the hill for beautiful view of the Palace and Vienna at sunset. Beautiful gardens everywhere but did not have enough time. Went back again the next day for 3 more hours.