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I am a bohemian nomad, someone who acts and lives free of regard for conventional rules and practices, but also one who moves according to the seasons. After traveling to over 100 countries and all 7 continents over the past 12 years I feel that I truly subscribe to the words of Mary Poxon, who said. "I sought to see the amazing as normal and the daily as unique, and in that swirling paradox I found the joy of travel." I will be forever in pursuit of new sights and adventures and hope that maybe I can convince a few more to give budget travel a chance. Budget travel gives those with little money an opportunity to travel and those with money an opportunity to travel longer.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Prague, Czech Republic

September 27, 2014

After getting everyone that was on the Ireland trip to the airport I flew from Dublin to Prague. Very easy and cheap ($1.50) getting from the airport to the Charles Bridge Economic Hostel. Spending 3 nights here then to Krakow, Poland. Prague is beautiful and the Charles Bridge built in 1353 is spectacular. Visited the Prague Castle and Monastery which has great beer and best view of city.